About Us

RIEJU was established in 1934 and is the only motorcycle manufacturer that remains 100% Spanish.

Currently we have an extensive all-road range which is complemented by the 100% sport road vehicle ranges, such as the RS3 family and the new electric bicycle e-Bicy. With 20,000 motorcycles being produced every year we have a market share in Europe that exceeds 17% and we currently sell our bikes in 20 countries.

RIEJU Italia and RIEJU UK subsidiaries were established during 2007 in order to gain direct access to potential and expanding markets. This ensures that dealers and end-users receive the highest level of customer support and Post-Sales service, as well as making it easier for the young motorcycle enthusiast to find our products and to enjoy the confidence that RIEJU's guarantee of quality brings.

One of the most important characteristics of every vehicle designed and produced at RIEJU is our commitment versatility. All are designed with a variety of usages in mind and we aim to ensure that our bikes are both safe and enjoyable to use. This versatility brings another advantage, personalisation. The majority of the vehicles that we sell can be adapted and transformed according to the personality and tastes of the individual user. Ensuring the user is guaranteed a unique and unforgettable riding experience.  

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