How do I find parts for my bike?
First, select the model of your bike from the drop down menu that appears when you hover over the catalogue button.

Second, identify the year of your bike.

Third, select the bike from the list which is the same year as your bike and that has your exact bike displayed in the image.

How do I know which year my bike is?
The best way to do this is to simply check the year your bike was registered and then ensure that colour of the bike you select matches that of the your own. Alternatively the frame number of the bike can be used to determine the year of manufacturer, please click here for instructions to do this.

It is imperative that the year of the bike is correctly identified, if you are still unsure after following these steps as to the year of the bike then please contact us. We also always recommend that you include the frame number of the bike in order notes so we can verify the correct part has been ordered.

What does fram.gt and fram.lt refer to?
Fram.gt means frame greater than and fram.lt means frame lower than. These refer to the frame number, also known as the chassis number, of your bike. You can find this either in the log book belonging to the bike or on the right hand side of the headstock.
What are all the numbers in brackets after the product name?
These are the Rieju Factory part numbers. If you contact us these are the numbers we will refer to the parts by. This is because the Rieju part system allocates every unique part its own reference number and then deals with the part using this number.
How long will my parts take to get to me?
All fast moving parts are kept in stock in the UK, we send a majority of our parts using Royal Mail 1st Class or courier service, this means that your package should be with you within 2 working days as long as you place your order before 12 P.M.

However, if the part required is not fast moving then it will have to be ordered from the Rieju factory in Spain. These parts are 15-17 working days from our warehouse in the UK and we endeavour to send these parts out the same day we get them using our normal delivery method. If the part is not sent out the day we receive it for whatever reason it will be sent out the next working day.

How do I know if the part I need is fast moving?
Fast moving items are items that often need replacing on the bike such as indicators and mirrors. We will email you when we process your order to inform you how long we estimate the part will take to get to you.
Where can I find a workshop manual for my bike?
If you require a workshop manual for your bike then a complete list can be found here.
I'm local! Can I collect?
Of course! We're more than happy to let people come and collect from our trade counter. However, you must drop us a quick call on 01522 589461 so we can ensure your parts are ready to go when you arrive.
International Delivery
We are able to offer delivery outside the UK. However, you must first contact us in order to receive a quote for the shipping charge as these can vary substantially on different items.
How can I trust you to find the right part for my bike?
We use Rieju's own part system 'PC Rieju' to identify all parts we send out. This means all the parts you order from us are the same parts you would receive if you ordered directly from Spain. However, please understand this also means we are limited by the accuracy of PC Rieju and mistakes are occasionally unavoidable. If this does happen then we will work with you to ensure that you get the parts you require for your bike as fast as possible.
Can't find your bike?

Don't worry we can still sort parts out for you! Fill in this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!